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2010 Central Valley Walk Now for Autism Speaks 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 View Comments

Team Ryan's Parade standing next to their tribute trail sign!

The 3rd annual Central Valley Walk Now For Autism Speaks occurred Saturday, October 16th at Modesto Junior College, West Campus.  It was an absolutely beautiful day with over 2,000 attendees! To date, the Walk has raised almost $100,000 - great job!

Our walk chair, Michelle Rodriguez, along with her  fantastic  committee, really set this Walk apart from last year.  The volunteer support and the abundance of Alpha Xi Delta’s were truly amazing!  The Area Director, Cory Manalani and Manager, Monica Douglas-Segot, are so appreciative of the support and dedication of this committee.  THANK YOU for all your hard work! But remember; it's not over yet.  We will continue to collect donations until the end of the year for the 2010 Central Valley Walk

Donations continue to roll in and fundraisers are still being planned.

If you would like any further information about planning a fundraiser or have any other question, please contact Cory Manalani by phone at 415-686-2772, or by email at

To see more information and photos of the Walk, visit our Facebook page at


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