Five autism podcast episodes you may have missed in 2019

Take another listen to some of our most thought-provoking podcast episodes of the year.

December 23, 2019
Autism POVs podcast

What does it mean to be nonverbal?

"Treat nonverbal people as totally intact in every way. Show patience and understanding without patronizing. Talk to us like peers.  Everyone deserves dignity.  No matter what a person acts like outside, they may just be unable to share their inner thoughts with you. I’m a living example; the behaviors I demonstrate outwardly have nothing to do with my intellect. In reality, there are full, complex people trapped within until they find a way to communicate."  ~Paul Kotler

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Gender and autism 

"How society has framed autism in terms of gender. We are slowly opening the door of being like, yes, you are talking about this and let's discuss gender as a spectrum, how like autism is a spectrum. Let's make sure that there is acknowledgement of all the people and all the places on the spectrum. So, I think that one of the dangers of basing things solely on scientific research, which my background is in psychology, is we only have so much data so far because people aren’t wanting to do these studies. There are very few studies about autistic women. There's even less studies on the trans-autistic population. As we start to get more data, get more information we can reach better ideas of what's going on." ~Brigid Rankowski

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How we talk about autism  

"I understand that people have different wishes. I also like to ask how do you want to be referred to. How does your child want to be referred to as, have you ever asked your child, have you ever informed your child or loved one that there are options. You know I think acknowledging that it's a big question and important is critical. But I feel that the time and space that used to tell others that they're wrong or you know expect others to change in an environment well even that mirrors our own political environment in the country right now. People aren't going to agree to disagree. So let's turn our focus on something else that can you know move us forward and other in other ways within our community because so much work needs to be done still." ~Valerie Paradiz

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 Q&A with autistic lawyer, Haley Moss 

"I think that the impact that I've had on other autistic people is showing that it's OK to be exactly who you are in any space that you're in. If you have the privilege to be able to do so and I say that open I just think because I've always disclosed, if you do a Google search on me you would know anyway and not disclose disclosing would be lying. So for me I think it's really important to be open. And I think that that's the message that I want to portray as well is to let other people know that if you're able to be open it's OK and you will find your people." ~Haley Moss

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Supporting dads in the autism community

"You've got an opportunity to learn to love unconditionally and as a result you're going to grow and the child that you love, the children that you love, will only be better as a result of you learning to love unconditionally. I would tell those fathers to be ready to work because that comes as a result of parenthood no matter the ability status of your children and how neurodiverse or neurotypical they are." ~Michael Hannon

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