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Calls to Action

October 2012

17 Membership & Recruitment Tips from College Students

Autism Speaks U hosted a Facebook Q&A in September where more than 140 students from 60 universities and colleges across the country shared ways to best promote their Autism Speaks U chapters, educate students and increase membership. 
See below for the top 15 tips that Autism Speaks U chapters shared:

David Finch's life with Asperger's

This post is by David Finch the author, 'The Journal of Best Practices'

It was a mild Tuesday morning in April and I was making the same breakfast I’d made every day for more than a year: eggs scrambled with cheese, oatmeal with fresh grapes—grapes help take my mind off the fact that my mouth is full of oats, which, at the risk of offending you horses out there, are truly disgusting—tea, and orange juice.  Just another morning, really, except that there was an NBC news crew standing in my kitchen, filming everything I was doing.

Tackling Teenage Sexuality

Guest post by Kirstin Greaves-Lord, PhD, head of the Autism Research Program of the Erasmus Medical Center and The Yulius Academy, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Esther van der Vegt, PhD, of The Yulius Academy, in the Netherlands. (Shown in photo: Dr. Greaves-Lord; Kirsten Visser, MSc, PhD; Linda Dekker, MSc, PhD; Frieda Boudesteijn; Dr. van der Vegt)

Vote As If Your Life Depends On It

By Kim Niederst, Ohio Walk-Events Director, who represented Autism Speaks at Friday's National Forum on Disabilities Issues held in Columbus.

Our community needs your vote!

On Friday, September 28, I had the privilege of representing Autism Speaks at the 2012 National Forum on Disabilities.  I do not have a specific interest in politics; my knowledge of the candidates and the election stems from the numerous political advertisements on television.  I vote the party line and have for years.  I will admit, I am one uneducated voter.

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