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October 2012

I Have Autism and I Voted

by Amelia Mullins, 20, of Lexington, Kentucky with help from her mom, Wendy Wheeler-Mullins

Amelia Mullins has autism. She voted for the first time by absentee ballot, then in her second election used a voting machine. "I wasn't sure how she would do with our electronic voting machines (which I find to have an over-sensitive wheel to turn to make selections that runs past the person you want to vote for), but she did great!" said Wendy.

NBC's 'Parenthood' 'I'll Be Right Back' Commentary

In this episode of NBC's Parenthood, the Bravermans face two high stress events. The first being Kristina's surgery for breast cancer, which has shaken the entire Braverman clan to their cores. Max is also running for student body president and he is to give a speech on the same day. Ordinarily, this would be an exciting time for any family, but when the child in question has Asperger's, is new to the school, and has few friends, it can be a time of high family stress.

Holistic Approach toward Independence and Employment

This post is by Leigh Belcher, MS LPC, Director of Clinical Services at Triumph Services, Inc., Holly Brigman, M.Ed., CRC, NIC, Coordinator of Program Research and Evaluation at Auburn University's Center for Disability Research and Service, and Brooke Stephens, Executive Director of Triumph Services, Inc.

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