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August 2012

Live Chat with Dr. Stephen Shore


Diagnosed with “Atypical Development and strong autistic tendencies” and “too sick” for outpatient treatment Dr. Shore was recommended for institutionalization. Nonverbal until four, and with much support from his parents, teachers, wife, and others, Stephen is now a professor at Adelphi University where his research focuses on matching best practice to the needs of people with autism.

Life is Either By Design or Default


This is a blog post by Teri L. Steinberg, a parent and the Chicago Regional Organizer for Illinois Association of Microboards and Cooperatives, which assists persons with disabilities and their families and friends to create non-profit corporations that allow them to live self-directed lives through the use of person-centered planning, community supports and resource management.

Panther Technology Launches Advanced Apps for iOS

This post is written by Richard Ellenson, founder and President of Panther Technology.

In 1997, my son was born with magic, wonder, kindness, and disabilities. In those years, I have had so many experiences – among them helping to start a school program in New York City and also creating the Tango, an AAC Device which many consider to have helped create new innovative energy in the world of Speech Generating Devices.

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