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Thank you, Moms, for inspiring us all

This Mother’s Day, Autism Speaks celebrates all of the moms in our community.

Autism moms often face challenges, but your dedication to helping your child reach his or her goals and succeed to the best of his or her abilities, combined with your work to make the world a more accepting and understanding place for your child, are the truest examples of unconditional love and selflessness.

For World Autism Month this year, nearly 5,000 people in the autism community around the world shared their autism stories with Autism Speaks. Many stories came from moms like you looking to share with the world the pride and love you feel for your children. These stories have inspired other moms looking for support and encouragement as they raise their children with autism.

To celebrate moms this Mother’s Day, we want to share some of the words of wisdom and inspiration from these incredible moms.

  • Pierce’s journey is our families journey. I cannot trek ahead of him or behind him. I must be at his side because just as he is learning and evolving, I am learning and evolving. I am metamorphosing into a better mother and person because of Pierce. We celebrate every milestone in our house – even the small ones. His autism is what makes him who he is - and it does not need to be defeated. I don’t know exactly what our future looks like but I do know that he has a mom that will never give up.
  • The gift of learning patience, understanding, and strategy as a mother, care giver, and friend has been a journey of ebbs and flows, ups and downs, epic fails and super successes. The day my son closed the shower curtain because he noticed it was open and “it was left wrong” was a win. The day my son walked in to a room and introduced himself with a smile, was a win. These boys have my heart and soul and I’m so thankful to be on this journey with them.
  • My lights. I am the mom to 5 children who all fall on the Spectrum. They are strong, brave and absolutely amazing. We celebrate the small stuff here and we work hard to reach our potential! Want to know anything about Pokemon, dinosaurs, Thomas, magic or Paw Patrol and we've got you covered. Each one of these miracles show me everyday why it is important to understand and accept. Why be normal when you can stand out?!?! The good, the bad, and the hard over here and my heart is full.
  • My daughter is 5 years old, she was diagnosed at 18 months old on a beautiful, sunny day in September...the 12th to be exact. I remember what I was doing, where I was, and what I was wearing the moment I truly felt heartbreak. But in that place where heartbreak once lived, now is the home to hope, joy, perseverance and more love than I thought possible. She made me a better person, a stronger woman, and an advocate for those without a voice. 
  • My name is Candy, and my son Christopher is 13 yrs old and was diagnosed with severe Autism at the age of 2. It's both a challenge and a blessing have a child with autism. Although we may struggle sometimes with simple daily tasks Christopher often amazes me with his talents such as movie making, power point presentations and his overall attitude towards life! He is a very happy, loving, smart, handsome young man and I am truly blessed to be called his Mom. #IAmHisVoiceHeIsMyHeart❤️
  • Aryan is my son - he has changed my life in the most wonderful ways. We have challenges, some days are not easy, but we have achievements, big ones - and they make the bad days easier. Aryan is a very fun person, he is always smiling and he has tons of energy. Aryan was diagnosed with ASD when he was 3 years old, and in spite of the challenges he faces, he is a vibrant little guy with the biggest heart. I am proud of Aryan, and I am so lucky to be his mom.
  • I am his mom and he is my heart. He was diagnosed at 18 months with ASD and a few months later with ADHD & ODD. We struggle and sometimes we don’t. I know no other life outside of autism. Autism is our normal, it’s everyone else that’s different. He’s happy, loving and flappy. I wouldn’t change a thing about him. He has big personality and always makes everyone smile. As far as milestones and achievements, we’ll get there one day at a time.
  • My autistic son has taught me a new way to see the world, to love animals, to love people, to experience music and art, and how to be a stronger and better person. Sometimes I think my heart will explode with pride over all he has accomplished and learned. I am so blessed to be his mom.
  • I am the single mom to two boys on the Spectrum. One has Aspergers with OCD/Anxiety Disorder and one low functioning, non-verbal with Seizure Disorder. It has been a roller coaster of a life for all three of us, but we are thriving. We are the three muskateers and have helped each other grow, laugh and love. They are my angels. I am stressed, but blessed to have been given the gift of these children who bless others. I just hope they know how much they do. That's all that matters in this world.
  • These are my 3 beautiful children - who all have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum As a mom - I was completely overwhelmed and felt hopeless and lost when I had 3 children under 5, who I was told all had Autism! As they have grown (and I have learned), I am so grateful for these beautiful spirits, what I have leaned from them and what they continually teach others about who they are and how to love unconditionally!
  • My daughter Arielle has changed everything about me. Being her mother has taught me what sacrificial love, total devotion and genuine patience looks like. She is the best of me and I feel blessed that the Lord would entrust her to our family. We have found the beauty in the moments and the strength to endure the difficulties. People with autism are beautiful. They are smarter than others give them credit for and have a depth of emotion most people don’t realize is there. Autism truly is a gift.
  • When my son was diagnosed with Autism, it felt like the whole world stopped. But I quickly realized that the world didn’t stop, it began spinning more slowly, allowing me to stop and enjoy every little detail in nature. Allowing me to appreciate every moment. Allowing me to celebrate and appreciate the small things. I see things with his innocence. I see things for their true beauty. For the first time, my eyes were opened to every intricate detail. For the first time, I live in the present.
  • Being a mom to a person with Autism has forever changed the way I look at the world. My son, Jacob, has taught me patience, endless love, celebrate the small victories and know that each setback is just that a setback that will be overcome by his tenacious and challenge- accepted attitude! I have learned so much in the small amount of journey we have been on. I will be his voice when needed, his strength when falters and his advocate for a better life for him and others just like him.

Thank you, Moms, from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do for your children, and the autism community as a whole. We are so grateful!

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