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The reason behind Cellairis' support of World Autism Month

When you come from a large, close-knit family, sometimes you feel invincible- nothing can stop you. Until one day, your (now grown) little sister shares that her 2-year-old has been diagnosed with autism. That day was five years ago for Cellairis CEO, Taki Skouras. Taki’s sister Maggie, the baby of the family, the brave one, the strong one, now needed her family more than ever. 


Maggie and Lance, her husband, heard the word at the pediatrician’s office when Jude was 2.  They knew Jude was different and the pediatrician confirmed it was autism. Shortly after the appointment, Maggie and Lance, desperate for answers and a plan, found Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks provided them with a 100-day plan, resources, and most importantly, an extension of their family in the Autism Speaks community.

Taki says this has put everything into perspective. He sees first-hand the value of early diagnosis and the benefits of early intervention, with his nephew, Jude, now age 7. Maggie and Lance are fortunate they have the resources to help Jude and get him the proper care, therapy, and treatment. However, many families are not as fortunate and insurance does not cover all therapies and treatment.  Therefore, Taki has made it his mission to continue to power other kids, like Jude, to have access to resources and has partnered with Autism Speaks.

The personal tie to the cause was the catalyst but the synergy with Cellairis was clear. As mobile devices and applications are growing more technologies are being created to help people with autism.

When autism touched the Cellairis family, they knew they had to raise their voice. 

Cellairis employees have rallied around Jude, raising funds and walking at Atlanta’s Autism Speaks Walk for years. This year, Cellairis has committed to donating 25% of their ecommerce sales and offering a point of sale campaign in participating stores to benefit Autism Speaks. To learn more, go to

Jude and Autism Speaks are powered this April, by Cellairis.

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