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Calls to Action

Mom calls for acceptance of son with autism in open letter

Ireland mom, Nicole Duggan's Facebook post calling for acceptance of her son with autism has gone well beyond the social network and is being shared by news sites around the world. 

"I never expected it to get around Ireland, let alone get to America," Duggan told ABC News.

In the open letter, Duggan says:

"The small things we take for granted every day are the hardest things for him to cope with. Different lights, sounds, smells or even the look of something can cause an overload that is too hard for an adult to deal with, let alone my little boy. "Normal things" such as going shopping, playing in a kids playzone, or even a hair cut can be unbearable for him.

To the people that stare at him because he hums, join in with his little singsong, because in his eyes he is singing the best song in the world."

Read the full post below. 

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