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Why I walk: For those who choose to enter my son's world

This blog post was written by Kristie Eynon, mom to a son with autism. Help her reach her fundraising goal here. Why do you walk for Autism Speaks? Share your story at and we might feature it on our site!

I walk for my son, Drake. 

For this journey of autism. For the 30+ hours a week of therapy so my boy would look me in the eyes. The hours of therapy so he would point. 

The hours he wasn't at a park, or on a little league field so he could go to speech and learn sign language that no one else knows he's doing because it's so subtle. I don't know if others understand the excitement I feel when Drake picks up a toy on his own and plays with it the way it was intended. Or when he said "mom" for the first time. 

Although they seem small, he worked for those things. He worked hard for those things. And as I think back, I realize I'm the lucky one. I've learned so much more from Drake then I'll ever teach him. I look around and see how blessed he is to have all these people that love him. All those that are there to walk with him. 

Thank you for loving Drake and for entering his world. Thank you for talking with him even though it seems he's ignoring you — he hears you. I know he hears you. Drake, you are exceptional, thank you for being you and for letting me be your mom. And thank you for letting me walk, for you.

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