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My autism awareness film: "Love Needs No Words"

This guest blog post is by Sarah Taschetta, a student who is studying special education and has a passion for filmmaking. Sarah works with a boy with autism who inspired her to create a short film titled, "Love Needs No Words."

I have been working with Dylan for a year now and from day one the brothers' story is one I've kept near and dear to my heart. The amount of love within that family is infinite, but nothing will compare to the bond a pair of twins have, especially these two. I am excited to be going into special education at the secondary level this fall, but I am also passionate about film. In my media broadcasting class, our final project was to create a documentary and I knew from the start I wanted to share their story. I also having a sister with a learning disability but it was so incredible to hear the philosophy coming from Liam at such a young age. They are incredible kids and I'm going to miss being Dylan's caregiver when I go away to school. However, this short film will always make me smile and I want to spread those smiles and beautiful message around.

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