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Celebrating our educators on Teacher Appreciation Day

Did you know today is Teacher Appreciation Day and this week is Teacher Appreciation Week? With that we wanted to put the spotlight on all the amazing educators who help our loved ones in our community! We put a call out on Autism Speaks Facebook Page asking our community to tell us about their favorite teachers. You can read all the responses here. Here are a few of the responses we received…

Deven's parapro is more than just that...she's me when I'm not there. I can see it when she picks the lint of his clothes and hair, when she has a certain fear of something he did in her voice, when she sends me pictures like this expressing the obvious love she has for him. It's amazing what they share even when he's worn her out. I really appreciate her! #happyfaces - Pam

Kindall loved Ms. Lawson she was a great teacher for him love her to pieces. It makes a momma feel better to know there are teachers that truly care. - Terrienee

My son has the best Aid who really is his teacher in every subject!!! She has been with him since 6th grade & will be transitioning with him to HS next year!!! It brought me to tears when I found this out! She goes with him to dances & makes sure he interacts with everyone! He will be Graduating 8th grade & she has a lot to do with his accomplishment! She is more than appreciated, she was God sent for our son! <3 Thanks Janet!!! You didn't have to be my son's aid & teacher but you did & have & will continue to be! - Barbara

Mrs.Ashley Felt SSN teacher from rim rock elementary (Fruita Colorado) she is awesome teacher,she work with my son for 3 years , she understand and love my son she really cares about her students, we miss her so much because we moved to Arizona. - Antonio

This is Mrs. Katlyn Linsley. She is my granddaughter's teacher. Mrs. Linsley is currently a Life Skills Teacher at Farmington JR. High School Farmington,IL. She means the world to my granddaughter and me. She is the best teacher you could ever want for your special needs child. My granddaughter has autism and in the last 3 years Mrs. Linsley has done wonders with her. Thank you so much Katlyn. We both love you. - Kathleen

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day everyone! Here are several amazing teacher-related blogs from our website you can read below …

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In addition we have a School Community Tool Kit to assist members of the school community in understanding and supporting students with autism. You can download the kit for free here.

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