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Skylanders is more than just a game for my daughter with autism

This guest blog post is by Lisa Gibson and her daughter Jennie. Jennie is a huge Skylanders fan. Autism Speaks and Skylanders have teamed up to release limited edition Light It Up Blue figures to commemorate Autism Awareness Month in April! 


Jennie just turned 17 on Febuary 23rd.  She has loved Skylanders for about 3 yrs now. She was diagnosed with autism when she was 3 yrs old. She didnt talk a lot and liked to stay to herself. Jennie is very smart academically but struggles with social interaction. However if a person was to walk up to her and start talking about skylanders or video games her wall comes down quickly. Jennie does talk to herself and repeats things she thinks is funny. 

I think the reason she loves Skylanders so much is because as she said to me its like the only toy that can come to life in a video game. And with Jennie a lot of times I think she likes to put herself in a make believe world. She has fears of the future and doesnt like the "real" world much. 

When Jennie is having a rough day or having a meltdown which with her that is about 3 to 4 days of her being depressed and crying over things that are note very extreme, she will play her Skylanders game and it seems to help her come out of the mood that she is in. 

She can tell you about any Skylander and what game they go to and what they do. For her birthday that just past I let her pick out any cake she wanted and she chose Skylanders, along with many more Skylanders to go with her collection.


Because I'm autistic and I know a lot about them. "Skylanders Spyro's Adventure," is the first video game with toys that come to life. I saw the trailer of it about how Skylandres became toys and sent to earth. Teleportal master sends a Skylander back to Skylands. I was having fun playing with Skylanders because Activision makes it fun. There are 5 Skylanders games like Slpyro's Adventure, Giants, Swap Force, Trap Team and Superchargers. My favorite is Trap Team, becasue you can trap villains. Even Kaos. I aslo like Superchargers, because it's like Mario Kart. But there is land, sea and sky cups and it's a fun game. Bowser and Donkey Kong are in Superchargers.  

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