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To the waitress who goes above and beyond for my son with autism

Autism mom Kath Tarzwell shared with us this heartwarming story about a visit to her family's favorite restaurant:

A struggle for us, as an autism family, is the opportunity to go out to eat. It's one of those things in life that people take for granted...

My son and I have a very short list of restaurants that we can visit due to his autism, stimming, and meltdowns. Bittersweet Kitchen in Media, PA, is one of them. They treat Braeden like a king.

They give us seats they know won't be in the way so he can still stim.

Today, a waitress brought his stuffed platypus breakfast, and I was nearly in tears because it made his day.

Bittersweet Kitchen should be recognized for their amazing service. It's such a short list of autism-friendly restaurants us autism parents have, and they should be on everyone's list!

You made this 7-year-old's day, and in the autism world, that's never an easy feat. Thank you!

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