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7-year-old prodigy plays incredible Taylor Swift Medley by heart

This guest post is by Tina Velazquez whose son Jacob is on the autism spectrum. Jacob has been featured for his amazing ability to play on his piano on shows like The Steve Harvey Show. You can learn more about Jacob on Facebook here.

My 7-year-old son Jacob was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. He is a gifted pianist and loves Taylor Swift. He listens to her album every day and is constantly watching her videos on YouTube. This is a piano medley by Jacob of songs from Taylor Swift's recent album 1989.

I sometimes sit with him at the piano and call out track numbers from her most recent album. Jacob will play the song that corresponds, without ever being taught the music notes.

He dreams (literally has dreams) of meeting her every night. I have explained to him that she has millions of fans who would all love to meet her.

Taylor inspires Jacob to keep striving to be his best. He has asked me how she became so talented and I tell him that she has been practicing for a very long time. He wonders if he will be as talented and have as many fans as she does. I remind him that Taylor Swift's talent didn't just happen, she worked very hard and practiced a lot to become who she is today.

Of course every parent would love to make all of their children’s dreams come true. The one thing you should understand about Jacob though, is that he very rarely asks for things. He is content playing the same games over and over. During Christmas and birthdays, family members are always asking what kind of gifts to get him.

It is so hard to come up with ideas because most of his toys go untouched. Jacob's grandma once walked around Toys 'R' Us for an hour and a half with him so that he could pick out a gift for his birthday. He couldn't decide on anything! Rather than get him another gift card that he would never use, we decided to get him a toy drum set. Luckily, he did end up playing it a bit and then passed it down to his sister.

Anyway, the point is, on the rare occasions that my son asks for something, I know it is something very important to him. This is why I am sending you this video in hopes that you might be so kind as to possibly help share it!

Jacob's birthday is right around the corner on September 29 and Taylor happens to be coming to Miami in October. I know the chances are slim, but maybe if she sees his video she might be inclined to pay him a quick visit while she is here. I know Taylor is very good to her fans, so you never know!

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