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Inter-American Development Bank promotes Autism Speaks global outreach

Post by Lucia Murillo, Autism Speaks assistant director of education research        

As you may know, Autism Speaks is collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO) on an international parent skills training program for families of children with developmental disorders living in world regions where specialized healthcare and behavioral therapy resources are extremely limited.

When the leadership of the Inter-American Development Bank heard about the project, they were enthusiastic about how well it aligned with their health and social protection work in Latin America.

They invited us to write about the parent training program for their widely read website. Their blogs on early childhood development appear not only on their website. They also get republished in newspapers, magazines and digital media throughout Latin America.

I’m pleased to share this blog post – which I co-authored with Chiara Servili of the World Health Organization – in both English and Spanish. Please follow the links below.

* Cómo enfrentarse a los retrasos en el desarrollo

* How to tackle developmental delays

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