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10 things autism parents don’t want you to say

We recently shared a post on our Facebook page from Yahoo titled, “The Comment I Dread Hearing as a Parent of Someone with Autism.” In the post we asked for our audience to tell us what they wanted people to stop saying based on their experience with autism. Since than we’ve received more than 350 responses from members of our community and counting!

You can read all of the comments here. Here are a few that stood out to us…

"I hate when I tell people I have a son with autism & they say, "I am sorry.” Why??? I couldn't imagine him any other way..." ~Alice

"I honestly hate it when someone compares my daughter (with severe classic autism) to another child on the spectrum. No 2 children on the spectrum are the same. I wish people would understand and respect that." ~Claude

“But he looks normal" ... drives me nuts!" ~Mickie

"The one that gets me is " but she is so can't even tell."  ~Jennifer

"Hey your kid talks, how do you know he has autism?" ~Karen

"I can't stand it when people talk like my daughter will never move out or marry because of autism. If she chooses to stay at home with us that is fine. I am okay with it because I love her. But I cannot stand for complete strangers to imply it’s not a choice as though she will never be able to excel." ~Susan

If you liked this post read about 10 things autism parents wish you knew hereWhat would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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