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Go-Kart Racing for Autism Awareness!

This blog was written by Autumn Garrison, mom to a son with autism.

My husband Lance Garrison, 33, started racing go karts in 2011 when our son Javon Garrison, 6, was diagnosed with autism. We wanted to spread the word about autism awareness. Lance accomplished so much by becoming rookie of the year his first year. The second year he was points champion in his division!! 

Javon is a very energetic sweet little boy who is an inspiration to everyone he meets. We wanted to take that and spread it by visiting a dirt track located in Shoemakersvile, PA, where we met great people and families! Javon loves racing and anything that has four wheels. We have a site for donations and we've raised $300 in Javon's name, which we donated to Autism Speaks!

We just decided to go BIGGER and sold the go-kart, but we still do have a race car that will have the same logos on it. We are going to start racing that at Linda's Speedway in Jonestown, PA.

We enjoy spending the time together as a family and spreading the word about autism. We did however struggle financially due to not having any sponsors to support us. But God blessed us with amazing jobs, with every little bit we have, every week we manage to stick together and go have fun and raise awareness.

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