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These Inseparable Best Friends Walk Together for Autism Awareness

This blog post was written by Emalee Eakin, who attends at the Pittsburgh Walk Now for Autism Speaks for her best friend, Angie. You can donate to their walk fundraising page here. Why do you walk? Share your story at and we might feature it on our website! Find a walk near you here.
My name is Emalee Eakin. I am currently 13 years old. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania and I attend the Pittsburgh Autism Speaks Walk! 
At only 11 years old, I found out about the Autism Speaks walk and immediately knew that I had to support it. And I also knew exactly who for!
You see, my very-best friend, Angie, has autism. We have known each other since preschool and are now almost inseparable! She is so sweet and probably the smartest kid I know! Therefore, with the help of both my parents and her parents, Team Angie was created!

So your probably thinking "hmmm... An 11 year old girl doing this? She probably raised not much and had a small team." Well, that was certainly not the case! My team had 30 people and raised over $800! Some of the walkers included teachers that Angie and I had in school (we were in the same classes at the time) and just supporters of Angie and both of our families. They all fully supported us and raised so much for the walk. But, I personally raised $250! Who could think that a young girl would have the ability to raise such money?

Beside the amount, Team Angie had such a great time at the walk! I will never forget the moment Angie and I turned around right as the team started walking. All I saw was a sea of the Team shirts we designed. I looked at Angie and she had this HUGE grin on her face! I knew that she knew that this was all for her, and boy, did it show on her face! And, when the announcer at the walk said the Team Name over the speaker, Angie gave me a huge hug, and I knew then, that all the work we put into this team, was more than worth it!

Angie is probably the funniest, smartest, and sweetest girl I ever met! Every day, she puts the biggest smile on my face. We do so much together! We have been in the same class since 4th grade and we do almost every project together! She is also a great artist! She sends me pictures of her drawings that she makes and I won't forget this one drawing! It was a picture of me and her together in a tree house! It is so cute!! 

I will never forget this one time when I went to Kennywood (Pittsburgh's most famous amusement park!) with Angie for the first time! I had never been to Kennywood before and was really scared of going on this water rollercoaster! Angie just sat In front of me and when we were going down this big drop, she turned around and just grabbed my hand and smiles. Then we fall down the drop and she falls onto my lap and yells. 
I also won't forget when we bake cookies together! Whenever we make cookies, Angie always would frost them. When she was frosting the cookies she looked down at the container of frosting and kept dipping her finger into it and would eat it. She kept doing that for a good 5 or so minuets! It seems weird to remember that but I thought it was just hilarious!

This year, Team Angie is in full swing to hit $1,000! Recently, Angie, myself, and 6 other students, started selling and fundraising at our school. From selling simple silicone bracelets and puzzle pieces, we raised about $250 for the team and Autism Speaks. Awesome, right?

I can't be more proud of Angie and how much she has grown through the years! It's been a journey raising the team for this girl, and I can more than promise you, that every step of the way was worth it!

Help Team Angie reach their goal of $1000! Donate now!

Why do you walk? Tell us at Look to see if there is a walk in your area at!


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