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Your Dollars @ Work: Helping Campers One Grant at a Time

This Your Dollars @ Work post highlights the impact the Autism Speaks Baker Summer Camp Program has had on campers around the country. Below is just five examples of stories, but you can click here for a more in depth look. The Baker Summer Camp application opened on Monday to camps. Families can NOT apply for funding, but please encourage camps in your area to apply so you can have a chance to receive a scholarship for this summer!

“Camp Starfish has been a blessing in my child’s life. She loves it there & benefits a great deal from her time spent there. For a child who struggles to fit in at times it is a place of comfort for her. She has told me from the first time she went that ‘I am accepted there.’ This is huge for my daughter.” - Parent

“My grandson has made more progress in these 5 weeks then in a year at school! He loves coming to summer camp with you! The progress the staff observed was reduction in tantrums, increased participation, ability to follow a routine, attend to circle time, be more tolerant of peers and increase in language output and social interaction.” - Grandparent

“Camp Ramapo is a place where they can express themselves without being judged.  The activities they participate in give them the confidence to overcome all obstacles.  At Ramapo, they are taught to focus on the things they can do and not on what they can't.  They are looking forward to next year.”  - Parent

“To say that camp has been a blessing for my daughter is an understatement. Shewas with her peers, kids with disabilities and without, and she didn’t "stick out" at all, she has flourished. It’s a camp where she gets to be herself, while at the same time, learning social skills that she needs. She loves to swim, do crafts, dance, and act. The counselors know her by name, and she isn't given any special treatment because of her disability, she is treated just like any other kid.” - Parent

“My daughter greatly benefited from being a 2014 recipient of the Autism Speaks scholarship used at SPARK Summer Camp. One of the best parts was that she had the opportunity to explore her community in a safe and fun environment. As a parent, it warmed my heart to see my little girl excited about school and to see her peek out from autism to reveal a little girl that is very curious about others and the world around her. Thank you so much for the scholarship amongst other things it really made our summer, and set us up for success in the school year.” - Parent

Your Dollars @ Work is a blog series highlighting the important work of past recipients of Autism Speaks grants to give you a glimpse into how your donations are changing lives of so many in the autism community! Check out previous entries here

The Autism Speaks blog features opinions from people throughout the autism community. Each blog represents the point of view of the author and does not necessarily reflect Autism Speaks' beliefs or point of view.