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VIDEO: Boy With Autism Finds Comfort in Singing


This guest post is from Natalie Squibb, whose son Aiden Mondor, 11, has autism. Aiden has found a love for singing that Natalie fosters through music lessons and support. They live in Kamloops British Columbia, Canada. 

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Day to day life with Aiden obviously varies: some days are great, some days are challenging.

He is an amazing little guy with an old soul who is loving, caring, fun, and enthusiastic but at the same time difficult, emotional and frustrating. You have to take the good with bad.

He is 11 years old and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum about 20 months ago. It was a real "aha" moment for us. Aiden has always loved to sing: he could follow a song before he could talk and it really has been a key tool for him, very therapeutic. He will sing in his room for hours!


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Aiden never wanted to share his singing with anybody until about this time last year, and so he started working with a singing teacher and he really just fell in love with it.

He performed in his first recital last January after having a major panic attack (he has been diagnosed with General Anxiety disorder as well), where he had his own "aha" moment.

Last June, he heard about this competition, Kamloops Got Talent, and he really wanted to try out for it. So he went through two rounds of auditions and made it to the finals! He was a little disappointed he didn't win, but totally got how amazing it was that he made it all the way to the finals and already talks about trying again next year!

He has lots of favorite songs and really enjoys top 40 pop music. He loves to rap and has a good knack for it. When he gets up and sings it is an incredible moment! We are so proud of him and you can just tell that he feels amazing when he sings!

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