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Your Dollars @ Work: Reducing In-School Bullying with

Autism Speaks is proud to partner with to take a stand against bullying!

Bullying is far too common in the autism community and Autism Speaks is committed to combating this growing problem. Earlier this month, Autism Speaks provided funding to to launch a campaign called Musical Mixup. This exciting and innovative campaign encourages young people nationwide to play musical chairs at lunch and sit with new people in order to increase acceptance and reduce bullying as a result. As part of the funding, all students who sign up will be entered to win a $10,000 scholarship!

In the first two weeks of the campaign, there have already been over 3,000 sign ups. Below are just a few of the testimonials we've received from students excited to participate and increase acceptance in their schools:

As a former bully victim I find this issue of extreme importance. I wanted to show the school that yes, bullying still happens, especially in our school. I wanted everyone to experience being with different people and embracing their differences --which is why we hosted the event on Unity Day. I want to continue to help acknowledge that this issue is of extreme importance so that we can minimize the numbers of depressed, anxiety-ridden, and suicidal preteens and teens in our nation.

Anti-bullying efforts are important to me because I believe bullying is a terrible unacceptable action that happens much too often. On a personal level I am really affected by the bullying I see my brother going through. My brother has Asperger Syndrome and is often picked on and hurt both emotionally and even physically by his peers. I will not accept my brother or any other individual to be bullied, and I am determined and dedicated to join or create a movement to help end bullying. Anti-bullying efforts are helping make the world a better place for everyone and I greatly appreciate that.

This is important to me because it gave me an opportunity to make new friends on the first day of school and sit with the type of crowd that I normally would not sit with. I was able to get to know them better than I ever had before and it was very moving to realize that I had been missing out on friendships with incredible people for such a long time.

This event was important because it brought random strangers together and created new friendships! It was a great event and made everyone laugh and have a great time!

If you are student, join the campaign today! If you are a parent or family member, please spread the word to students you know to help Autism Speaks and put an end to bullying in schools!

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