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Autism Speaks U $68 in 68 Hours Walk Fundraising Challenge!


Autism Speaks U collegiate chapters can host an $68 in 68 hours online fundraising challenge. It’s EASY and creates a fun competition for everyone to raise awareness and funds for Autism Speaks.

Ask members to raise a minimum of $68 over the course of 68 hours. It’s as simple as sending 4 emails asking for $17/each. Dedicate this challenge to that ONE person in 68 that makes a difference to YOU!

How it Works: 

1. Set Up a Walk Team.

  • If you have not yet registered for a Walk Now for Autism Speaks, click here to find the closest one.
  • When on the Walk site, click “Register for this Walk.”
  • Name the team “Autism Speaks U [School Name]” and select the company “Autism Speaks U” from the drop down. See example:

2. Set Up a Facebook Event.

  • Name it “Autism Speaks U [School Name] $68 in 68 Hours Fundraising Challenge.
  • Include the URL to the Walk team.
  • Update the event every few hours to announce who’s in the lead, easy ways for members to reach their fundraising goal and who the winner is at the end of the 68 hours! Click here to see an example. 

3. Join the Team & RSVP!

  • Email members the URL to join the Walk team and the URL to RSVP to the Facebook event.
  • Tip: At a chapter meeting, ask members to bring their laptop to join the Walk team and to RVSP to the Facebook event. Everyone will then email family and friends to ask for donations and post on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Doing this together as a chapter makes it much easier!

4. Ask Away!

  •  Send Emails: Ask each person to send at least 4 emails to friends and family asking for donations. Don't hear back from those 4 people within 24 hours? Send a follow-up email and text! 
  • Sample Email: Did you know that autism now affects one in every 68 children?  As a member of the Autism Speaks U chapter at [School Name], I am committed to raising awareness and funds to help the millions of individuals and families touched by autism. I am aiming to raise $68 over the next 68 hours. Please consider donating to my fundraising page at [URL] in honor of that ONE person in 68 that makes a difference to YOU! Thank you for your help and support.
  • Post on Facebook & Twitter: Autism now affects 1 in 68 individuals! Support my efforts to improve the lives of those affected by autism and donate to [Fundraising Page URL].

5. Announce the Winner & Thank Everyone!

  • Post on the Facebook Event: Announce the winner and how much he/she raised. Include how much the chapter raised overall and thank everyone for their help and hard work.
  • Email donors: Send thank you emails to everyone who donated. Let them know how much the chapter raised overall to support Autism Speaks’ mission!


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