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Your ATN@Work: A New Blog Series from Autism Speaks

This month we’re excited to introduce a new weekly blog series featuring the families and healthcare providers of the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network (ATN).

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes to meet the parents and professionals who are passionately fulfilling the ATN’s mission of improving the health and quality of life of those affected by autism, both in their communities and around the world.

This month also brings Autism Speaks’ newest funding cycle for our ATN. With a three-year investment of $7.5 million, Autism Speaks is redoubling the network’s focus on medical research that delivers more-effective treatments for autism and its associated health conditions.

See “Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network Announces New Funding & Centers.”

At the same time, our ATN centers are developing new training programs for healthcare providers in their surrounding communities. The goal is expand the reach of the ATN’s model of comprehensive autism healthcare far beyond the walls of the network’s 14 centers of excellence. As always, the staff and parent volunteers at our ATN centers will continue to help families navigate the complexities of autism care.

As this website’s longtime readers know, we’ve been tapping the expertise of our ATN specialists for years in “Got  Questions?” and more recently in “Food for Thought.” We’ll continue to do so. So please keep sending your questions to and  

In addition, here’s an advance peek at the posts we’re planning for “Your ATN@Work” …

* So Your Child Needs an EEG – The making of an ATN/AIR-P tool kit

* Beyond Hospital Walls – Outreach in Ohio’s Somali-American community

* Puberty: Ready or Not – How a courageous team of parents and clinicians tackled an urgent need for guidance

* Tool Kit Talks – Taking parent education on the road from rural Missouri to the island of Guam

* Bridging the Gap – Researchers turn to parents for guidance as they plan new treatment studies

* Bringing Autism Awareness to Dentistry – ATN therapists and parents reach out to train a new generation of autism-savvy dentists

* ‘Northern Exposure’ for Autism – Follow our ATN docs as they set up autism clinics that deliver specialized services to rural communities across upstate New York

* Meet our ATN Family Navigators – Learn about the ATN’s nationwide program for training “navigators” to assist families new to the complexities of autism healthcare

Please let us know of other topics you’d like to see featured in this, our newest Autism Speaks blog series. You can reach us at

Learn more about the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network here.

Find the ATN center nearest you here.

Dive into our archive of ATN expert-advice blogs and news stories here.


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