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See Your Pediatrician if You Have Concerns about Your Infant

Talking on MSNBC’s “News Nation” about the new CDC autism prevalence statistics, Dr. Max Wiznitzer commented that “you should not automatically conclude that if my child didn’t speak exactly when wanted that we’re in trouble”.  

But Autism Speaks disagrees.

  We strongly advocate for parents to seek medical advice if they notice their infant misses milestones or exhibits unusual behavior.  It’s the main message of the PSA we created with the AdCouncil “Maybe” campaign.

(See video below.)



Experts agree that early autism diagnosis is imperative because research has shown that with early therapy an infant’s brain function can change. 

“Early intervention is so important in autism,” says Lauren Elder, PhD, Autism Speaks’ Assistant Director of Science Dissemination. “We know that the earlier a child is diagnosed and receive intervention the better the outcomes;  if we intervene early children are more likely to talk, they're more likely to be in a regular typical school setting and they are much more likely to be able to function in a community.”

For complete coverage of the CDC prevalence update with perspective from Autism Speaks science staff, click here.

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