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I Have Autism and am Artistic

This guest post is from Jeremy Sicile-Kira, an adult on the autism spectrum. His blog is part of an ongoing series on our site called "In Our Own Words: Living on the Spectrum," which highlights the experiences of individuals with autism. Interested in writing for us? Tell us your story at!

Truly art is important to people like me because we very much see beautiful colors in everything. Expressing what I see is a way to give meaning to my life, greatly connect to other people, and make them happy. Art nicely allows me to truly, kindly express myself. It has given me more joy than I could ever imagine

Truly having autism has frankly been difficult. But just being myself I can greatly be an artist. Nicely I can express myself without being judged. Art allows people to see my talents first instead of my disability. Frankly art allows me a way to connect with neurotypicals.

People dream every night and my dreams very much are of beautiful paintings.  Truly I have always loved colors. Nicely I saw colors even in dust particles shining in the sun. I saw colors when I would hear music. Truly I did not know this was unusual until my mom told me it was. My mom discovered I had synesthesia because of the reaction I had when I heard my mom tell me about  the book, "Born on A Blue Day," by Daniel Tammet. My mom told me that Tammet saw letters and words in color. I asked my mom, “Doesn't everyone?”  Mom was surprised. Greatly this moment changed my life.

Then I frankly began to tell my mom about the really beautiful dreams I was having painting people's portraits using colors describing their personalities. Then I greatly had a dream that I painted ten paintings and had an art gallery show. I asked my mom if it could justly come true. Greatly smart mom said, first show me the paintings. I still hope to have my first art gallery showing. Greatly I hope to have one this year.

People ask how I paint. Truly my dreams are in color. I greatly try and paint the colors that I frankly see in them. Really there exist many colors and there are many different ones in my dreams. When this happens I frankly have to mix colors greatly to find the right one. When I need to make a color I tell my support staff which colors greatly to mix together. Normally this is a quick process but can take awhile sometimes. I greatly know all the colors I need for a painting and I make them as I go. Justly I want to be painting the right colors.

Greatly when I paint I work on a few different paintings at once. I kindly paint them layer by layer, letting the layers dry in between. Sometimes I use rock salt, or tissue paper to make paper mache to create texture on some paintings depending frankly on my dream. Other times I use masking tape to create patterns and lines.

My favorite aspects of painting are:  finding the right colors, creating at my own pace, and making people happy. Painting at my own pace is important because some days I go fast and some days slow. Nicely my support staff and I figure out what will work best that day. Truly I feel different on different days.

Painting just kindly makes me feel great. Understanding what I want to paint is important. When I start a painting I want to make it exactly how I see it in my head. My art makes me feel really wonderful. Having a canvas to paint is simple, but it can be the best therapy. The happiest I am usually comes while painting.

Justly I am happy now with my painting. I have gotten to do a lot of different things through my art. I have painted paintings to be auctioned off to provide donations to non-profits. I have gone to painting classes. I have earned some money. Hopefully in the future I can have more of these types of opportunities that will also hopefully help me make friends. Truly art is important to my life.

More on Jeremy: Jeremy Sicile-Kira  is an artist, writer, advocate, and enjoys traveling. He is co-author of  A Full Life with Autism: From Learning to Forming Relationships to Achieving Independence (Macmillan). In 2010, Jeremy gave a commencement speech at his high school graduation using voice output technology. Jeremy’s advocacy work includes serving as ARI’s Youth Representative to the United Nations and as a Young Leader for the AGI; In 2007 he was highlighted on  MTV’s True Life in “I Have Autism.” Jeremy’s Vision is Jeremy’s view of the world expressed through painting, writing, advocacy. 

Example of painting and dream: you can look on website for others, but you can check it out here.

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