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A Report from a Family Services Chapter Grant Recipient!

This guest blog catches up with one of our 2013 Chapter Grant Recipients in Pasadena Child Development Associates. You can learn more about how you can apply for one of our chapter grants here.

Last year, we piloted a small grants program in the four main chapters of Autism Speaks: St. Louis, Southern Florida, Chicagoland and Southern California.

This year, we've expanded it to the whole country via our Chapter, Neighborhood and Regional grants. The deadline is October 21st, so please tell your local service providers to apply for up to $5,000 in program funding!

Check out this report and some pictures from one of last year’s recipients in Southern California, Pasadena Child Development Associates, on their program "Teens-to-Teens with Autism!"

Pasadena Child Development Associates received $5,000 to purchase technology equipment, specifically iPads and necessary accessories to enable the Teen Club to develop and maintain a “Teen-to-Teen” website and Facebook page. This website is focused on sharing information and learning experiences with other teens and young adults who may be struggling with similar developmental challenges. The project also provides information to professionals who work with teens around the world.

The teens have created a website which can be found at Each iPad has been configured to have a quick link button on the home page that links directly to the Facebook and Wordpress pages. The website is currently divided into categories such as socialization, community service, vocational services and discussion topics. On the home page, teens are able to directly post pictures from recent events as well as information on upcoming events. Each month, Teen Club Facilitators will be able to post relevant questions and topics onto the discussion board for teens to respond and engage in an online conversation. Our goal is to eventually open the discussion board to a public forum in order to hear from other teens who may want to share similar experiences or questions!


Remember you can apply for one of our chapter grants here.


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