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Lemonade for a Cause!

My name is Fletcher Fox.  I am 14 years old, and I am on the autism spectrum.  I have been working very hard to improve my social skills and to overcome other difficulties in my life.

I traveled to Nantucket this summer on a family vacation. We go there every summer, and every year my cousins and I sell lemonade on Main Street. This year, my cousins did not come. But I made a new friend who my Dad and Stepmom introduced me to, Jordan Segall. We decided to do the Fox tradition and run a lemonade stand  – but this time, I wanted to try something different since I was in charge. I wanted to give part of my lemonade money to charity and help other kids with autism.

Jordan and I made a business deal. We would split our profits and each donate our share of the money to our own causes. He picked the ASPCA to support animals, and I picked Autism Speaks because I want to help find a cure for autism, and help other kids learn social skills just like I have been able to. I want to be a role model to show other kids on the spectrum that they can accomplish big things and do anything they set their minds to.  I was able to get my Dad, stepmom, and grandparents to match my gift so I tripled my donation, and hope to raise even more money in the future.  Next year, I plan to sell lemonade again in Nantucket and give more money to Autism Speaks. But in addition to giving money, I want to give my time.

I had a meeting with Kim Horyn, who is the head of Autism Speaks in Nantucket. I asked her for a job next summer and she told me I could volunteer to help out with the annual Walk and also come in to meet with other autistic kids at the rec center to help them work on their social skills. She even said we could have a pizza party (and would get special gluten free pizza for me!). I have attached some pictures of me and Jordan making our lemonade, along with our stand and another one of me making my donation to Autism Speaks.

I am very excited about getting involved with this amazing organization, and want to encourage others to get involved too. Let’s work together to find a cure for autism!

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