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Arkansas, Autism and the USAF

Jacob Barreiro, a photojournalist with the United States Air Force at Little Rock Air Force Base, recently profiled Master Sgt. Beth Jungk, who has been raising her  daughter, Morgan, 14, at the base while serving her country with the 19th Communications Squadron. Morgan has been diagnosed with autism, epilepsy, kabuki syndrome and other conditions.

Barreiro's article, "A Progressive Melody: Mother & Daughter Scale Highs & Lows of Autism," was posted on the air force base website. (In the photo below, mom and daughter share a laugh while picking out the day's clothes.)

LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. -- As the lengthy summer days, with bright and balmy evenings, start to wane, parents know the difficulties of transitioning children from a typical malleable summer's day to a regimented school schedule. Some parents, however, face special challenges this time of year. 

Master Sgt. Beth Jungk is a 19th Communications Squadron plans and programs manager at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. Her daughter Morgan, 14, has been diagnosed with autism, epilepsy, kabuki syndrome and other ailments. Morgan's disabilities mean any deviations from her daily routine can be challenging.

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