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My Son, My Hero

This blog post is by Jeanine Nichols, wife and mother to Liam and Eloise. It brings joy to her heart knowing Liam will have his sister in his life as they grow together. 

I wanted to share what happened last week because as the mother of a child who has been diagnosed with autism, I would want to hear this.

Last week, I was in the kitchen preparing lunch for my kids. One therapist had just left and I was expecting another one to arrive in about twenty minutes. I heard my son Liam, 5 years-old and affected by autsim, scream out for me with the most urgency ever, "MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!!!" It was very concerning to me because I had never before heard him like that.
I rushed out to the playroom and he had a look of pain on his face, but I couldn't see what was wrong. It was then that I saw what will haunt me for the rest of my life... My 3 year-old daughter Eloise had the cord to the blinds wrapped around her neck so tight and she was purple! Very panicked, I ran to her as fast as I could while wondering if I could make it to her in time. I had to lift her up to pull the cord off of her and after all was said and done, she was okay!
Liam had saved her life!
She had been climbing on the back of the couch, reached up and put the cord over her head and must have slipped down into a seated position on the top of the couch. I know how very close we were to having a very different and tragic ending, especially because I couldn't hear a thing from the kitchen. My husband and I both know that God used my son to save his little sister's life.
We are stunned that Liam even knew that the situation was urgent and called out like that for me. If you had asked us prior to this happening what we thought he would have done, seeing this happen to his sister, we would have said we are convinced he would not have known anything was happening and he would have remained silent.
Our son has always been verbal, but he has always struggled with language as well as understanding things going on around him. We have learned so much from him, and now we realize he understands more than we thought... there is a treasure buried in there that we did not know exists.
Liam has always been our special blessing, but on this day he also became our little Hero! You never know what your child is capable of until times like this. We are truly thankful. By the way, all of the window coverings have been completely removed!
Jeanine Nichols
Lake Forest, Calif.

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