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A Fun Summer at SARRC’s Whispering Hope Ranch!

The Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center in Phoenix, AZ was one of the recipients of our Baker Summer Camp Scholarship Program, and here is a report and some photos from their camp Whispering Hope Ranch:

We had another successful summer at SARRC’s annual Whispering Hope Ranch Teen Camp! We had our biggest numbers yet, with 24 teens with ASD attending, as well as 18 typical peer mentors. There were so many activities during the 4 day, 3 night sleep away camp up in Payson, AZ, that there was something for everyone! We had a talent show that highlighted how talented all our campers are, went horseback riding, made life-size Paper Mache monsters, had a snowball fight in July, played life-size Battleship, played group games like Tug of War and relay races, and in general had yet another amazing summer!

Thank you to everyone at Autism Speaks Baker Summer Camp Program for making this event possible for five special campers!! 83% of campers with ASD reported that they felt their time was well spent and 88% reported that they were able to make friends. 100% of typical peer campers reported that they felt they had made a positive impact through their experience, and 94% reported that they were interested in coming back to camp again. Whispering Hope Ranch 2013 was a huge success due in part to your generous scholarship!

Check out the video slideshow below!


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