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A Letter Supporting My Brother

This piece was sent to us by Jamie Simonds, the mother of two. Jamie's daughter 11-year-old Mary Moore wrote this in support of her 10-year-old brother Sean who is on the autism spectrum.

My name is Mary and I have a little brother with autism. He's the best person that I've ever met. He just makes you smile and laugh every time you see him. I was tired of people making fun of him and other kids with special needs. It's wrong to make fun of a child who never did anything to hurt anyone and you know nothing about. I decided to send it to all of my friends and post it to Instagram to get it known a little with the people I know. I would like for it to be on the news so EVERYONE will know. I wasn't just talking about my little brother; I was talking about all the other kids with special needs. People need to know that they aren't misbehaving and that my mom isn't being a bad parent. They're just being themselves and they're all perfect just the way they are and no one should change that.

“So let me get this straight, you see him in a store throwing a tantrum and just assume my mom is a bad parent? And since he’s wearing a life jacket you think he’s lame? Oh yeah and since he has a reflex where he has to breath out if his mouth, heavily, you think he’s scary or weird? Uhmmm yeah and when he’s acting like a dinosaur you give him nasty looks? He’s using his imagination! C’mon, seriously? I really truly thought we all were better than this. He has autism ok? Leave him alone. He never did anything to hurt anyone. He’s my brother and he’s perfect just the way he is, so before you go judging someone like that, think!

He’s not stupid. He can read and write and do math and play sports like any other person. So really, he’s no different than any of us, he just thinks a different way. You don't understand what I’m saying? Well think about how you would feel about someone making fun of your sibling over something they have no control over. It wasn’t his fault he has autism and it wasn't on purpose. But I love him and he’s my brother and I wouldn’t have it any other way."

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