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Celebrity Talks Character with Aspergers on FX Series "The Bridge"

This blog post is from actor/celebrity Diane Kruger. You can see Diane play the character Sonya Cross, a detective who has Asperger Syndrome on FX's new hit series "The Bridge" on Wednesdays at 10 PM EST!
Diane Kruger playing Sonya Cross in "The Bridge" Photo Courtesy: FX
When I first signed on to portray Sonya Cross, a detective who has Aspergers for The Bridge, I knew very little about autism.  Even after countless books and internet research, I could only begin to grasp what it must be like living with this condition.  But one thing became immediately clear: there was no way I was going to be able to give an authentic performance without spending time with someone with Aspergers.  Actors tend to work inside out when approaching a character for the first time.  So I asked FX to help me find a consultant. Luckily an executive vice president at FX named Chuck Saftler jumped in to help. As you know, Chuck is a tireless advocate for Autism Speaks and quickly put me in touch with Alex Plank, a very bright and charming young man with Aspergers. Alex allowed me into his world....unafraid of what I might ask or see, he is truly the reason I finally felt capable to become Sonya.  And then something else -- I fell completely in love with Sonya.  I am so incredibly fond and protective of her and I want to show all of her colors and nuances to the best of my abilities.  It all started to make sense.  Not that I could ever do it 100% justice, could I?  But because of Autism Speaks and Alex Plank I`ve come to understand what autism is and how it impacts one's life and the people around them.  I feel like I finally "know" Sonya...and my life has forever changed because of her.
I want to thank all of you, and especially Alex, for the help and invitation to learn about autism and I truly hope that you will be proud of our joint work when you watch The Bridge.  I know I sleep easier at night, knowing that Alex is there...every day...watching out for you.

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