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An Update from an iPad Recipient

This is a letter that was sent to our Family Services Team from a family who recieved an iPad back in December. Our next iPad grant will take place in November 2013, so please stay tuned via our Community Connections newsletter. Sign up to recieve Community Connections here.

Good Morning! Just wanted to forward pics of my son Khalil using his iPad, graciously given to him by Autism Speaks (I will send one at a time due to the size - total of four). This gift has been a total Godsend for him. With all of the apps and programs we are able to download, Khalil's vocabulary has tremendously increased. He has always been very verbal, but now his words are being used in the proper context, whereas before, it was usually just echolalia. His father and speech therapist worked together to customize the iPad specifically for him. Khalil absolutely loves it and uses it daily for educational, as well as entertainment purposes. I am so grateful that he was chosen to receive this blessing, it has dramatically changed our lives more than you know. I had no idea he would get this much from it.

Thank you so very much, from our family to the Autism Speaks Family :)


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