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Countdown to the Conference: Bonus Events!

The Autism Speaks National Conference is now less than 2 weeks away! In addition to our many distinguished speakers, (check out the full agenda here!) we have a number of great bonus events planned. Some of our conference breaks will feature mini-talks, informal ways to learn more about several Autism Speaks programs and resources and a great opportunity to talk to expert clinicians.

Here are 5 great mini-talks you won’t want to miss at our National Conference:

1:ATN/AIR-P Behavioral Health Tool Kit – Felice Orlich, PhD
Dr. Felice Orlich will explain how this tool kit is designed to provide parents of children with ASD with an overview of in-home strategies as well as tips to teach and increase desirable behaviors and decrease behavior problems.

2. Employment Tool Kit – Peter Gerhardt, PhD
The Autism Speaks Employment Tool Kit is geared towards adults on the autism spectrum. Dr. Peter Gerhardt will walk you through the Employment Tool Kit resources and share his own wisdom on this important topic!

3. Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network – Dan Coury, MD
Come hear Dr. Dan Coury, AS-ATN medical director, talk about the resources the AS-ATN provides. Families who receive care from the AS-ATN will also be there to share their experiences and success stories!

4. Early Access to Care – Lauren Elder, PhD
Learn about current Early Access to Care activities and resources, as well as how you can get involved with our mission to lower the average age of diagnosis and increase access to care, particularly for underserved groups, from Dr. Lauren Elder, Assistant Director of Dissemination Science at Autism Speaks.

5. Parent Perspectives for Clinicians – Amy Kelly and Tom Hess
This conference offers an amazing opportunity for families and clinicians to learn together.  Amy Kelly and Tom Hess, co-chairs of the ATN/AIR-P Family Advisory Committee, will share parent perspectives with our attending clinicians.  Learn what families wish clinicians knew!

Learn more about the Autism Speaks National Conference here!

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