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Autism Speaks Art: Creative Fundraiser with Paper Clouds Apparel Tees

What if your next t-shirt could provide joy and financial support to a child with autism?

What if that same t-shirt purchase could inspire confidence and a sense of

accomplishment for an adult worker with autism? Plus, you can instantly own a unique,

limited-edition piece of artwork that just happens to come in your size.

It’s possible but only for a limited time. We are excited to announce that Paper Clouds

Apparel is devoting two weeks (July 8-21) to raise funds exclusively for Autism Speaks by

donating 50% of their net proceeds from all sales. The more you shop, the more we



Best of all, the featured artwork was submitted by you, our amazing fans, on our

facebook page! Here is your chance to showcase creative children with autism, one of

whom may be your very own son, daughter or loved one. What a fabulous gift and a way

to be a walking testimonial for the cause.


“I am thrilled about this partnership with Autism Speaks. What a fabulous organization.

The awareness and community core they are building is amazing. In fact, we had the

toughest time picking art for this campaign because all of the young artists with autism

were so talented, creative and original. I can’t wait to unveil the t-shirts and see how

many lives we can positively impact with this campaign.” Robert Thornton, Founder of

Paper Clouds Apparel.


The sensory-friendly t-shirts (cotton or extra-soft tri-blend), color prints and greeting

cards may be purchased via Prices range from just $15 to $30.


Here’s an extra special bonus: to empower adults with autism, Paper Clouds Apparel hires

these industrious individuals to package orders. As a result, the company provides income

and a boost of self-esteem for an overlooked group who might not otherwise have work.

The more you add to your cart, the more adults with autism they can employ.

Remember, the shirts are only available for this brief two-week period. Due to the print

process and timeline, custom orders are not available. However, you will see that there is

a selection of colors, sizes and styles from which to choose.

So, share, spread the word, stock up and support individuals affected by autism today.

Make your purchase at, then become a fan on

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