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Grant Awarded to Training Program for Spanish Speaking Families

This guest blog is by Serena Selkin, Assistant Director of Grants at Autism Speaks.

In 2011, through the Autism Speaks Family Services Community Grants program, we awarded a $24,000 grant to the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Texas entitled “Parent/Caregiver Training for Spanish Speaking Families of Autism Spectrum Disordered Children.” To meet the needs of Hispanic families of autism spectrum disordered children with limited English proficiency, CADD extended and modified their parent/caregiver training program model into one offered entirely in Spanish. Beginning in August 2012, bilingual Applied Behavior Analysis graduate students recruited 12 Spanish-speaking families of young autism spectrum disordered children to participate in a seven-week training program. Training was offered entirely in Spanish, with both group seminars and individual hands-on practice sessions with the children in the clinic and home setting. The graduate student instructors were supervised by CADD faculty and board-certified behavior analysts.

The program was a resounding success, producing many valuable materials for Spanish speaking families who wouldn’t otherwise have access to essential tools for their children. Please find a sample of some of the documents produced as a result of the grant by clicking here (/family-services/grants/parentcaregiver-training-spanish-speaking-families-autism-spectrum-disordered). For more materials, please contact Serena Selkin, Assistant Director, Grants at

For more information on our Early Access to Care initiative in Spanish, please click here (/early-access-care/espanol).

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