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Calls to Action

15 years of the Celebrity Golf Challenge at Winged Foot

This is a guest blog post from Kevin Murray, the Winged Foot Celebrity Golf Challenge co-chair.

With his son at the 2012 event.

15 years ago a celebrity golf event was our first step of many towards finding answers to the many debilitating aspects of autism. Why have so many suffered and continue to? What can we do to help now and for tomorrow? Where are our governments in this crisis? We have had the help of so many along the way who have toiled and battled despite incredible personal challenges. We are forever grateful. Because all of you have joined hands progress is being made It would be impossible otherwise. Autism Speaks is by far the best chance we have to change the lives of these cherished children. While we have come an incredible way in science, awareness, education and living options since the first step 15 years ago please know we are in no way complacent. We continue to fight alongside you and always will! Today will be another step in the quest- A celebration at Winged Foot for sure but also an announcement that our commitment is enduring and focused.

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