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An Afternoon with Temple Grandin

This blog post is by Ali Dyer, the Social Marketing Manager at Autism Speaks. 

On May 16th I had the pleasure of meeting Temple Grandin; you know THE Temple Grandin. She agreed to host a live chat with us discussing her new book, The Autistic Brain, and I was thrilled.

I have to say though, I was nervous. As many of you will agree, Temple is among the biggest autism ‘celebrities.’ I admire her in so many ways. She had the drive to be educated and to work in a time when women weren’t always encouraged to do so. Temple also faced many challenges that stemmed from having autism, but rather than retreat and give-in, she faced them head on and had the will to succeed. Like come on, the squeeze machine?!?! Brilliant.

My family and I often find ourselves going back to HBO’s original film Temple Grandin when we talk about my brother. I thought that I understood how Jeff sees the world, but after viewing the film it really came to life for me. I’m no movie critic, but it is a must see!

Temple is one of the best resources the autism community has and to be able to sit side-by-side with her was a total honor. When we finished up, Temple told me that she wanted to come back and do more – I am going to hold her to it!! 

Below is our chat transcript


There was a total of 2,857 live readers(WOW!) and has been replayed 2,475 times and counting!!


You can purchase 'The Autistic Brain' here!


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