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8 Reasons Why Autism Moms Rock!

We asked to hear your story of motherhood and recieved an overwhelming amount of beautiful responses. We decided to compile a list to show just how much you ladies rock! 


They Keep Going

I am a 32-year-old mom of 3-year-old twin boys, one with autism and the other with sensory unawareness...My journey has come with challenges I have been raising them as a single mother since they was 7 weeks old... I never knew or understood why the Most High would pick me for this journey but I had no choice but to KEEP GOING!!!....Along the way I have suffered health issues that could of took my life but again I couldn't stop to figure it out I had to KEEP GOING... At 22 weeks after long evaluations and assessments I heard one of the hardest things that a mother could hear...Your child has moderate to severe Autism...In that moment time stood still.....Everything that I've been through began to flash back to me... Now I understand why I had to go through what I did… Why I had to be so strong and determine...For a time such as this....So I tell every parent or family member or anyone that is faced with autism..... KEEP GOING!!!!
-Tiesha Hudson


They Embrace the 'Family Circus'

I entered the world of Autism in 2010. Since then, three of my children have been diagnosed with Autism and our 4th child is being evaluated in June. I go to 14 therapy sessions per week. We are also doing evaluations with the school district for the fall and will soon be writing 3 IEPs for next year. 

For the past 2 years I have organized fundraisers and a team that for Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Since the beginning we have been Team Bradley. This year we are walking with our new name, Autism Family Circus, for our journey. I had an event on World Autism Awareness Day and have 2 more scheduled before our Walk in September.

My kids truly represent the Autism Spectrum. They are all so different, so unique, with their own set of strengths. They amaze me with their hard work, even when things are tough. I see huge potential in each of them and know that everything I do every day will help them succeed in their own way in the future. I would do anything for my kids. I am doing everything I can for them. My life is about theirs. I live for them, for their success and their future. In life, we never know where paths will take us. Sometimes we end up in a place we never knew existed. I didn’t know about Autism before I was thrown into this world. I’m a better person because I’m here, thanks to my kids. I am proud to be their Mom and forever grateful for them, Autism and all.
-Amy Huizenga


They Hold Down the Fort While Their Husbands are Abroad

I am a 30 year old Army wife, mom, and student. My husband and I have been married for 7 and a half years and our son is 3 and a half years-old. I am in culinary school and my husband is currently deployed. This means I'm doing a whole bunch on my own. Our son was diagnosed in October 2012, but we kind of always knew he might be autistic. I worked with special needs children for about 2 years and kind of knew what to look for. It didn't make the words any easier, but it did help in knowing how to work with him and in helping him grow. He doesn't talk yet, but with the combination of daycare, school and home; he has learned so much. We stand up for him and fight for whatever is best for him. Husband isn't here, but he watches videos of Daddy every night. We have our low moments, but I wouldn't change who he is for the world. Check out our resources for military families!
-Christina Bouldin


They Light It Up Blue

This is me and my boys on World Autism Awareness Day. My oldest son Xander has autism. My husband and I have an amazing support system in our community, but more importantly, in our family! On this Mother's Day, I am very thankful to be a mother to these  perfect little boys..I also feel very blessed to have a mother and mother-in-law (who are more supportive than I could ever imagine) to celebrate with.. I AM SO BLESSED! You can still Light It Up Blue!
-Andrea Leeth


They Walk

After 8 years of only getting through part of our St. Louis Autism Walk, in 2012, my son was able to get through the entire walk. This is us at the finish line. It is very emotional to look at! Find a Walk in your area!  
-Jenn Laskie


They Are Silly

Autism never stopped us from being silly!
-Isabelle Tam


They Celebrate Every Milestone

This photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago of myself and my son playing in the front yard. He is newly diagnosed (Feb 2013) although we were already receiving OT and speech therapy a few months prior to the diagnosis. Before therapies I couldn't play with my son in this manner and it's because of occupational therapy that my son actually enjoys being spun around and played with now. I will cherish this photo always because it shows how much progress he is capable of making in such a short time. I am very proud of all of my children (2 typical and one on the spectrum) and I will celebrate every milestone they make because I know what an accomplishment it is and how hard they had to work to get there. Here's a list of different therapy and treatment options!

– Katie McVay Campbell


They Dance

This is me and my sweet little boy, Jacob, at the Mommy Son Dance. Jacob has autism, but he is the most amazing little boy. I am so proud him and I could never love anyone more!–Chris N. Barb Caudle


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