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8 Great Selfies for Light It Up Blue

This guest post is by Autism Speaks Staffer Sam Shaughnessy. Sam has been monumental this month in helping us spread the word about Light It Up Blue on our World Autism Awareness Day Facebook Page. Here Sam shares a story about some of the photos that have been coming in.

#1: Luke

It started with a picture posted of Luke. I was monitoring the World Autism Awareness Day Facebook page on April 2nd when I stumbled upon a photo of Luke holding a poster board on which he wrote about himself and finished with a request that people ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ his image to help spread awareness and ‘Light Facebook Up Blue.’ I posted the photo to our page and the response was tremendous with 45K Likes and 18K Shares in a matter of an hour or so. It did not take long before others followed suit. Since Luke’s picture was posted, we’ve received over a hundred more of these ‘selfies.’ I wish we could post them all! Here are a few more photos of others who are helping to spread the word!

#2: Aden 

#3: Anaiyah

#4: Brendan

#5: Danyiel

#6: Maddie

#7: Selena

#8: Sergio


See even more photos on the World Autism Awareness Day Facebook page.

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