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Chad Secures a Trial Run on the Job!

On the last episode of MTV's World of Jenks Chad finds himself having graduated high school and in search of a job and future plans. It was a fundraising situation for him and was unable to find a good fit. Chad declared, '“I want to work with normal people.  I don’t want to be with people with disabilities.  I just want to be me and pretend I’m normal and stuff.” You can find our recap here.

But don't lose hope! On the following episode, 'Growing Pains,' Chat meets with his job coach from Occupations, Sean, has set up an interview for Chad at Alfonso's, a local pizzeria. Chad's anxieties are present, but he manages to charm and impress Alfonso and secures a trial run of the job. For more information on this episode, visit here. Yippeee Chad!

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