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College & Universities Celebrating Autism Awareness Month!

Throughout the month of April iconic landmarks, buildings and schools around the world will Light It Up Blue to celebrate Autism Awareness Month! Below is a list of college campuses (as of April 11, 2013) that are lighting up buildings blue or hosting events throughout the month of April. Learn more about Autism Speaks' college program, Autism Speaks U.

If your college campus is lighting up buildings blue or hosting events and is not listed below, leave a comment or email us! Include the college name, event details and name of the building lit blue. 

  1. Agnes Scott College
  2. Albion College (Alpha Xi Delta)
  3. Alfred University
  4. Appalachian State University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  5. Armstrong Atlantic State University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  6. Auburn University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  7. Berry College
  8. Binghamton University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  9. Bloomsburg University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  10. Boise State University  (Alpha Xi Delta)
  11. Boston  University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  12. Boston College (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  13. Brookline College
  14. Brooklyn College (Alpha Xi Delta)
  15. Brown University (Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  16. Bucknell University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  17. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  18. California State University Channel Islands
  19. California State University Fullerton (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  20. California State University Stanislaus (Alpha Xi Delta)
  21. California State University, East Bay
  22. California State University, Los Angeles
  23. California State University, Northridge (Alpha Xi Delta)
  24. Carroll University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  25. Case Western Reserve University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  26. Castleton State College
  27. Christian Brothers University ( Alpha Xi Delta)
  28. Coastal Carolina University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  29. College of Lake County
  30. Columbia Green Community College
  31. Conestoga College
  32. Cornell University (Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  33. Drury University
  34. Delgado Community College
  35. East Tennessee State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  36. Eastern Michigan University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  37. Eastern Washington University ( Alpha Xi Delta)
  38. Elmira College
  39. Elon University (Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  40. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  41. Everest University - Largo Campus
  42. Ferris State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  43. First Nations University of Canada
  44. Florida Atlantic University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  45. Florida International University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  46. Fordham University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  47. Greensboro College (Alpha Xi Delta)
  48. George Mason University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  49. George Washington University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  50. Georgia Tech (Alpha Xi Delta)
  51. Gettysburg College (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  52. Hamilton College (Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  53. Henderson State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  54. Hood College
  55. Indiana State University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  56. Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  57. Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
  58. Jacksonville State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  59. John Carroll University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  60. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  61. Johnson & Wales University-Providence
  62. Kansas State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  63. Kaplan University  (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  64. Kent State University  (Alpha Xi Delta)
  65. Liberty University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  66. Long Island University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  67. Longwood University
  68. Loyola University Chicago (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  69. Luzerne County Community College
  70. Lycoming College (Alpha Xi Delta)
  71. Lyon College (Alpha Xi Delta)
  72. Manhattan College (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  73. Marian University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  74. Marian University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  75. Marietta College( Alpha Xi Delta)
  76. Marist College
  77. Marshall University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  78. Martin Methodist College
  79. Marquette University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  80. Marywood University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  81. McNally Smith College of Music
  82. Medical University of South Carolina
  83. Miami University (Autism Speaks U Chapter) 
  84. Michigan State University (Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  85. Mid-Continent University
  86. Millersville University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  87. Missouri State University – Springfield
  88. Monmouth College (Alpha Xi Delta)
  89. Moorpark College
  90. Neumann University
  91. New England College
  92. New Mexico State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  93. Northwestern University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  94. NYIT Old Westbury (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  95. Ohio Northern University
  96. Ohio University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  97. Old Dominion University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  98. Palm Beach Atlantic University
  99. Penn State Medical College
  100. Pennsylvania State University (Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  101. Pfeiffer University
  102. Pittsburg State University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  103. Post University
  104. Purdue University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  105. Rider University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  106. Rochester Institute of Technology ( Alpha Xi Delta)
  107. Rockhurst University
  108. Rowan University
  109. Rutgers University (Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  110. Saint Francis University
  111. Saint Joseph's University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  112. San Jose State University
  113. Seneca College
  114. Seton Hall University
  115. Slippery Rock University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  116. Slippery Rock University( Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  117. Smith College
  118. Sonoma State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  119. South Dakota State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  120. Southern Connecticut State University
  121. Southern Polytechnic State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  122. Southwestern University  (Alpha Xi Delta)
  123. Springfield College
  124. Stetson University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  125. Stonehill College (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  126. SUNY Albany (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  127. SUNY Delhi
  128. SUNY Geneseo
  129. SUNY New Paltz (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  130. Syracuse University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  131. Tennessee State University
  132. Tennessee Technological University
  133. Texas A&M University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  134. Texas Christian University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  135. The College of Southern Idaho
  136. The George Washington University
  137. The Ohio State University (Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  138. The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico
  139. The University of North Carolina at Asheville
  140. Theta Delta Chi Nationals (Theta Delta Chi)
  141. Thiel College (Alpha Xi Delta)
  142. Towson University (Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  143. Tufts University (Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  144. Tulane University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  145. UC Santa Cruz
  146. UMass Amherst (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  147. Union College (Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  148. Universidade Federal do Ceará
  149. University of Alabama at Birmingham ( Alpha Xi Delta)
  150. University of Alberta
  151. University of California Berkeley (Theta Delta Chi & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  152. University of California, Irvine (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  153. University of Central Florida (Alpha Xi Delta)
  154. University of Central Oklahoma (Alpha Xi Delta)
  155. University of Connecticut (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  156. University of Delaware (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  157. University of Hartford (Alpha Xi Delta)
  158. University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  159. University of Iowa (Alpha Xi Delta)
  160. University of Kentucky
  161. University of Maryland, College Park (Alpha Xi Delta)
  162. University of Michigan (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  163. University of Michigan-Dearborn (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  164. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  165. University of Missouri-Columbia (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  166. University of Missouri-Saint Louis (Alpha Xi Delta)
  167. University of Mount Union (Alpha Xi Delta)
  168. University of Nebraska - Omaha (Alpha Xi Delta)
  169. University of New Hampshire( Alpha Xi Delta)
  170. University Of New Orleans
  171. University of North Carolina Wilmington (Alpha Xi Delta)
  172. University of North Carolina, Greensboro (Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  173. University of North Dakota
  174. University of Northern Colorado (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  175. University of Pittsburgh
  176. University of Puerto Rico 
  177. University of Northern Iowa (Alpha Xi Delta)
  178. University of Rhode Island  (Alpha Xi Delta)
  179. University of Rochester Medical Center
  180. University of South Dakota (Alpha Xi Delta)
  181. University of South Florida (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  182. University of Southern California ( Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  183. University of Southern Maine (Alpha Xi Delta)
  184. University of Texas at Austin  (Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  185. University of Texas at El Paso  (Alpha Xi Delta)
  186. University of the Sacred Heart
  187. University of Toledo (Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  188. University of Toronto
  189. University of Virginia (Theta Delta Chi & Autism Speaks U)
  190. University of Washington (Alpha Xi Delta)
  191. University of West Georgia (Alpha Xi Delta)
  192. University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire (Alpha Xi Delta)
  193. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh  (Alpha Xi Delta)
  194. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (Alpha Xi Delta)
  195. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  196. Upper Iowa University
  197. University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  198. Virginia Commonwealth University
  199. Virginia Tech (Autism Speaks U Chapter & Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  200. Wabash College (Theta Delta Chi Charge)
  201. Warthburg College
  202. Washington College
  203. West Chester University (Alpha Xi Delta & Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  204. West Virginia University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  205. West Virginia Wesleyan College (Alpha Xi Delta)
  206. Western Carolina University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  207. Western Kentucky University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  208. Western Michigan University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  209. Western Michigan (University Alpha Xi Delta)
  210. Western University
  211. Wheelock College
  212. Wilkes University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)
  213. William Patterson University
  214. Wingate University Alpha Xi Delta (Alpha Xi Delta)
  215. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Alpha Xi Delta)
  216. Wright State University (Alpha Xi Delta)
  217. Xavier University (Autism Speaks U Chapter)

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