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'World of Jenks' Tackles 'Twists and Turns' Tonight

“I want to work with normal people.  I don’t want to be with people with disabilities.  I just want to be me and pretend I’m normal and stuff.”  -Chad

Chad just graduated high school and it is now time for him to start looking to the future. He meets with a post-school work program and a job coach as well. There are times when it become overwhelming for Chad. Be sure to tune-in for World of Jenks tonight at 11pm EST on MTV to find out what happens!

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On World Autism Awareness Day, Ali and Peter from our Social Media Team headed to MTV's studios to hang out with Chad and Andrew! They had a wonderful experience and we especially excited to see everyone wearing blue! Ali and Peter also got to meet Chad's parents who have special tattoos in honor of Chad! They also hosted a UStream together! Totally awesome! Check out these photos below for more!

Peter, Chad, Andrew, and Ali

Chad's Parents' Tattoos!    


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