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Emma's Story

This post is by Jennifer Bunt, a mom from Ohio. You can follow her 'blue' efforts at Visit to find more ways to Light It Up Blue.

On April 2nd, 2010 I turned on my porch light – it lit up a beautiful blue. As I looked up and down the street, I saw how it stood out – how beautifully it shined amongst all the white lights that dotted my street. That singular blue light was lit for my daughter – she was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of four.

The following year, I decided to ask my neighbors to Light It Up Blueies (46 houses) in honor of my daughter Emma – thus creating “The Blue-evard!”

Last year, a former neighbor who happened to move four streets over asked if he could get involved. With a little planning, and a LOT of footwork, four connecting streets participated in LIUB - over 200 consecutive homes 'Lighting It Up Blue' for Autism Awareness! I encouraged our Mayor to “Light Up” our City Hall, and worked with our schools to Light It Up Blue as well!  Parents from neighboring cities drove their children to see our lights telling them: “This is for you!” 

During the month of April, neighbors from other streets contacted me – wanting to know how they could participate. This year, my goal is to have seven connecting streets, with over 300 consecutive houses Lighting It Up Blue!

For me, Autism Awareness Month doesn't start in April – it starts now! They say “It takes a village” – I'm creating my village. Street by street... door by door... family by family!

Visit to find more ways to Light It Up Blue.

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