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13 Creative Ways to Light Up Your School Blue in April!

Throughout the month of April iconic buildings, landmarks and schools across the country will Light It Up Blue in honor of Autism Awareness Month! Below are 13 creative ways your college/university can participate. Once your school’s plans are confirmed, email us and we’ll send you materials.

Remember to ask the school newspaper or photography club to take high resolution pictures of your efforts and submit pictures to

1. Light up a building or monument blue on April 2 or anytime throughout the month of April.

2. Display the Light It Up Blue logo and announce that it’s World Autism Awareness Day & Autism Awareness Month on the school’s electronic marquee.

3. Light up the sorority and fraternity houses blue. If changing the lights is too difficult, turn the porch light blue or decorate the house with blue holiday lights.

4. Encourage students, faculty and staff to all wear blue on April 2, or on another designated day in April. Gather together and take a picture.

5. Hang a banner in the student center or a residence hall to let everyone know that it’s World Autism Awareness Day.

6. Decorate a well-known statue, monument or mascot on campus with Autism Speaks U banners, gear and blue balloons.

7. Paint designated areas on campus blue and include the words “Light It Up Blue for Autism Speaks.”

8. Host a “BLUE” fundraiser, like a blue ice cream social, blue bake sale blue flower sale or blueberry bagel eating contest.

9. Partner with the school’s athletic department and have sports teams add Autism Speaks U logo to their uniform or helmets.

10. Work with the campus coffee shop to add custom stickers to coffee sleeves that promote events and Autism Awareness Month.

11. Sell puzzle piece cards for $1 each, have students sign their names and hang them up in the center of campus to raise awareness. 

12. Have students Deck out in blue from head to toe or purchase a blue suit for someone to wear while passing out materials.

13. Have students wrap themselves in blue holiday lights to spell out the words “Light It Up Blue.”

Have additional ideas, tips or questions? Leave a comment! Connect with Autism Speaks U via its website,Facebook and/or Twitter.

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