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Chad Faces His Transition Fears on MTV's 'World of Jenks'

Last night on MTV's World of Jenks, Chad faces his fears of high school graduation.

Only a week away from graduation, Jenks joins Chad for one of his last days at Westchester Exceptional Children's School. During a counseling session, the reality of having to leave school and change his routine after graduation begins to hit home for Chad, and he talks about the anxiety he's feeling. In the car on their way home, Jenks opens up to Chad about his own issues with anxiety.

For the full episode summary, visit here.



Adolescents may face anxiety while shifting towards adulthood, but living with autism can add unique challenges.  It is importatnt that people like Chad can find appropriate or desired employment, housing, or community involvement options just as anyone else.

Autism Speaks has several resources that will help assist families on the journey from adolescence to adulthood.


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