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7 Easy Ways to Light Up Your Campus Blue in April!

On April 2 iconic buildings, landmarks and schools across the country will Light It Up Blue in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. Below are 7 ideas to get your college/university involved! Once your school’s plans are confirmed, email us and we’ll send you materials
1. Light up a building, stand out front and hand out fact cards to  explain why it’s “blue!”

2. Have the school place autism awareness ads on the campus TVs and news stations.

3. Table on campus and distribute Light It Up Blue quarter cards.

4. Ask Greek Life Organizations to light up their houses blue.

5. Plan a "wear all blue day" and remember to rock the Light It Up Blue stickers!

6. Decorate your school’s mascot in blue swag. 

7. Host a BLUE fundraiser (i.e. blue bake sale, blue ice cream night, blue hair extension booth, blue puzzle piece campaign, etc.) and use the Light It Up Blue flyer.

Remember to ask the school newspaper or photography club to take high resolution pictures of your efforts and submit pictures to

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