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31 Fantastic Blue Events College Students Can Host in April!

Autism Awareness Month kicks off on Tuesday, April 2 with Autism Speaks’ annual Light It Up Blue campaign! On this day, iconic landmarks and schools across the country will change their lights from white to blue in honor or World Autism Awareness day.

Looking for ways your campus can celebrate? Here are 31 BLUE events your school can host during April!

  1. Blue bake sale

  2. Blue basket raffle

  3. Blue bingo night

  4. Blue bowl-a-thon

  5. Blue candy-gram sale

  6. Blue cupcake eating contest

  7. Blue dodgeball tournament

  8. Blue drink bar night (21+ only)

  9. Blue face painting station

  10. Blue fashion show

  11. Blue flower sale

  12. Blue glow stick sale

  13. Blue hair extension booth

  14. Blue ice cream night

  15. Blue karaoke contest

  16. Blue light dance party

  17. Blue M&M eating contest

  18. Blue pancake eating contest

  19. Blue pie toss

  20. Blue puzzle piece campaign

  21. Blue scavenger hunt

  22. Blue sports night

  23. Blue tie-dying station

  24. Blue trivia night

  25. Blue t-shirt sale

  26. Blue water balloon toss

  27. Blue wristband sale

  28. Blue zumbathon

  29. Blueberry bagel eating contest

  30. Blue-cheeseburger barbeque

  31. Blues music themed concert

What events will your school host this April? Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know how your campus will celebrate Autism Awareness Month!


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