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'Get Digital' with Zev & Justin on The Autism Speaks Network


Meet Zev and Justin, two of the content partners featured on The Autism Speaks Network. You can download the app for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) or Android devices
Zev and Justin from Seasons 15 & 18 of The Amazing Race on CBS are back on the air with their buddy The Rev Kev in this weekly web series on! Every wednesday night at 6pm - right before Andy Dick's show - you can find Justin and Zev and The Rev Kev "Getting Digital" with a different guest each week (Jaleel White, Will Sasso, Holly Robinson Peete, etc...) - talking about all things digital... from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Youtube... anything on the web is fair game. We're living in a digital age, and who better to guide us through it than everybody's favorite Amazing Racer - Zev! (who also happens to have Aspergers Syndrome). The show streams live weekly - so feel free to watch live and call-in and talk to the guys... or wait and catch it on The Autism Speaks Network! And follow Justin, Zev, and The Rev Kev for updates: @justin_kanew, @zevglassenberg, and @TheRevKev.

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