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Meet Dr. G of The Autism Speaks Network (TASN)

Meet Dr. G, one of the content partners featured on The Autism Speaks Network. You can download the app for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) or Android devices. Erin helps us get to know her in the following post.

My name is Dr. Frank Gaskill, or “Dr. G” as people commonly call me.  I am a psychologist who specializes in Aspergers, effective parenting, and how technology and kids can interface successfully.  I am also a founding partner at Southeast Psych, one of the largest psychology practices in the country. The mission: to get psychology into the hands of as many people as possible to enhance their lives. 

I truly believe that “Aspergers is awesome!” and try to get this message out to the public in as many ways as possible.  I am the co-author of Max Gamer, a graphic novel about Asperger’s.  In the comic, Max is an Aspie superhero who uses his strengths to save the day.  Although the book focuses on Asperger’s, I hope that Max Gamer will inspire resilience and confidence in all children.  Dr. Temple Grandin endorsed the book, saying “This comic would have helped me when I was a teenager who was being teased.”  Currently, I am working on Max Gamer 2, so stay tuned for its release this year!

I am also the host of “The Aspie Show,” a free, web-based program related to anything and everything Asperger’s.  The show is featured on The Autism Speaks Video Network, with topics ranging from bullying and picky eating to job interviews and sports.  My favorite episode is an 8-minute clip (called “The World of Aspergers”) to help others understand what Asperger’s is and what it is not.  Overall, my goal is to present information in a fun and exciting way to again reiterate the point that “Aspies are awesome.”

As an active member of the Twitter community, I aim to share resources and connect with others.  Hopefully through this forum, I can dispel myths about Asperger’s and start meaningful discussions and education.  Follow me at @DrFGaskill.

Aside from my professional endeavors, I am a Star Wars fanatic (I have seen the movies hundreds of times!).  This would be insanely obvious to anyone who set foot in Southeast Psych, as my office is adorned with Star Wars LEGOs and memorabilia.  I also love video games and strive to help parents see how they actually can be good for kids. 

Although my focus is mainly on Aspergers, I want to show others that psychology really can be for all (and it can be fun, too!).  Check out Southeast Psych at

The Autism Speaks Network is a new digital network designed to be the home of premier autism video content online and mobile. The Autism Speaks Network (TASN) is a subsidiary of Autism Speaks and will curate important shows like Autism Live, @AspergerSadie, Kerry’s Korner, The Autism Team, The Dr. G Aspie Show and Autism Today TV, and house them in one location for simple and convenient viewing. 

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